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Transcribing is a great option if you’re looking to make money from home. It’s flexible, can be done from wherever you are and can fit around your own schedule. Find out what’s involved and the best place to look for transcription work as a newbie.

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Hi! I’m Hayley, sloth lover and serial side hustler. I love finding and trying out new and different ways to make extra money.

On Savvy Sloth I share money making activities (both those that work and those that don’t!) to help others bring in some extra income from home and avoid scams.

Why sloths? They’re just lazy right? Maybe not. Aside from being cute, sloths are actually masters at energy efficiency and strategic living, and that’s where we can take inspiration from them. Working smarter, not harder, gives us more time and energy to enjoy life to the full. Effective work time = more money + more downtime. Be more sloth!