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AppKarma: A reward app that pays you to play mobile games

If you love money making apps, then AppKarma is another to add to your list.

Used by over 10 million people worldwide for over 8 years, appKarma is a reward app that you can earn cash and gift cards with for playing mobile games.

How to get appKarma

AppKarma is available on the Google Play store for Android users.

Sign up here or use code thesavvysloth to get 1000 bonus points when you join.

For those that use IOS unfortunately there is not an iTunes app, however there is a web app you can use to earn rewards. Here’s how:

1) Go to from a mobile Safari browser and click Get Started

2) Install the first offer, Find Words – scramble word game. (Earn 100 points)

3) Open Find Words and select GO TO APPKARMA to go back to the appKarma web app to start earning rewards. 

4) Use referral code: thesavvysloth for 1000 extra points.

How does appKarma work?

To make money using appKarma you need to complete offers, which will earn you points. You can then redeem your points for cash or gift cards.

  1. Complete Offers – Browse through app offers inside appKarma. Install the app and follow the requirements –  for example you may be required to simple install and follow a demonstration or reach a certain level. Points will be rewarded when you complete the offer requirement.
  2. Redeem points – Once you have accrued enough points, you can then redeem the points from inside the app. 
  3. Get your reward – After redeeming your points, if you’ve chosen a gift card, the code will appear in the My Rewards section of the app. Codes are locked for 24 hours (to ensure there’s no fraudulent activity) and will be visible after the lock period. PayPal cash payments are paid between 24-48 hours (payment is issued 7AM PST each day).

What rewards can you earn on appKarma?

There are lots of different options you can choose from when redeeming your points on appKarma depending on which country you’re in. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Google Play
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Starbucks
  • Steam

More ways to earn rewards using appKarma

As well as installing and playing games, there are lots of other ways to earn extra rewards while using appKarma.

  • Achievement Badges – Get extra bonuses by earning achievement badges (sign-up, check-in 10 times, complete 5 offers, etc).
  • Karma Plays (Android Only) – Karma Play allows you to earn additional rewards if you keep apps installed and play with them every day.
  • Level Up (Android Only) – Users can level up when they earn Karma Play badges. All offer rewards will be increased by 5% ~ 12.5%.
  • Redeem Bonus – Get 5% back each time you redeem your points.
  • Scratch Cards – You can earn a variable number of scratch cards for checking-in, completing Karma Plays etc.
  • In App Purchase Bonus – Get reimbursed when you make a purchase in qualifying apps you download inside appKarma. Details are in the notification section of the app. 
  • Invite Reward – Share your invite link / referrer code and earn a percentage of everything your referrals earn.

What makes appKarma different from other reward apps?

There are lots of apps for making money out there, so what’s different about this one? Here’s what they say sets them apart.

  • More Offers  – compared to similar reward apps
  • Playtime – This is a separate offer wall that lets Android users earn multiple rewards for each app you install. The more time you spend playing with the app, the more points you can earn.
  • Karma Plays – AppKarma is the only app install reward app that has this feature for Android users (allowing you to earn daily rewards for keeping and playing with apps you were rewarded for).
  • More rewarding opportunities – Badges, scratch cards, check-ins, Karma Plays, Levelling Up, In App Purchase reimbursements.
  • Rewards delivered in app – less waiting around to get your rewards.

Join appKarma

Click here to try appKarma for yourself – you’ll get 1000 free points when you sign up via this link.

Alternatively add referral code thesavvysloth for 1000 points to start you off.