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AttaPoll Review: Is AttaPoll Legit?

AttaPoll is a paid survey app for users looking to make a little extra cash in their spare time. But is AttaPoll legit or a scam? And how much money can you make with it?

The internet is flooded with adverts and recommendations for money making apps and sites. Full of enticing promises about how you can ‘make money online instantly’ with ‘fast, easy and high earnings’.

Unfortunately, a lot of these are empty words!

I have tried plenty of different apps to make money online.

In my experience, some are good, some are not, and some are downright scams that need avoiding! However, there are quite a few legitimate apps you can use to boost your bank balance with a little extra.

AttaPoll is one of those; a legit survey app that pays you to share your opinions.

Here’s my AttaPoll review and a quick guide on how to use the app to earn extra money in your spare time.

Key Info


Survey frequency: New surveys daily

Payout Speed: Instant (£2.50 min)

Eligible Users:


Sign up bonus: 40p

Pay: Varies per survey

Payout options:

Gift cards

What is AttaPoll?

AttaPoll is a smartphone app that pays you for taking surveys on your phone. It’s an easy to use app with a clear and simple design.

You can use AttaPoll on both Apple and Android devices.

Is AttaPoll a scam?

AttaPoll is not a scam. It’s a legit app that is based in London, and was incorporated back in 2016. Personally, I’ve been using the app for a couple of years now and been paid on request within seconds every time, so can confirm AttaPoll is a legit paid survey app. They also have 4.4 stars on TrustPilot with 70% of reviewers rating them ‘excellent’.

Who can use AttaPoll?

Anyone aged 13 or over is able to sign up for an account with AttaPoll. The app is available globally, but you may have better results depending on your demographics – US, UK and Aus users may receive better rates for surveys.

Quick facts about AttaPoll:

  • Available on Apple and Android
  • Super fast payments
  • Cash out to PayPal, Revolut, Gift Cards or Donate
  • Low minimum payment of $3/£2.50

How to use AttaPoll

Once you’ve installed the AttaPoll app and created your account, it’s really easy to get started taking surveys and making money. You’ll get 40p free joining bonus.

First, you’ll need to fill in a few profile questions so you can be matched to relevant surveys.

The home screen on your app will display a list of surveys, showing how long they will take and how much you’ll be paid on completion. You’ll also see a star rating showing other user’s reviews of each particular survey.

List of surveys

To take a survey, simply tap your chosen option and you’ll be automatically taken to the survey. When you complete the survey you’ll be redirected to the app and your balance will be updated accordingly.

Sometimes, if you don’t match the demographic requirements for the survey, you’ll be disqualified after a few screening questions and redirected back to the app.

You can use the settings menu to choose the frequency and length of surveys you’d like to receive and also choose how often (if at all) you’d like to receive push notifications about new surveys.

You can use the app anywhere and anytime you like, so if you’re riding the bus, sat in a waiting room or just sitting in front of the TV, you can pick up your phone and earn some extra cash in your spare time.

Balance and Payments

To see your balance, just click on the Balance icon at the bottom of the screen. From here, along with viewing your earnings you can also request a payment. To do this, simply click on the payment method you prefer and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Balance screen on attapol showing balance of £1.44 and recent payment request of £4.48

Boost your earnings by inviting friends

You can also earn more by inviting your friends. When you recommend the app and share your referral code you can earn 10% of referral earnings from surveys.

How much can you earn with AttaPoll?

How much you can earn with AttaPoll will vary based on how much time you are able to dedicate along with your particular demographics in relation to what researchers are looking for.

You could earn 50 cents a day with a single survey, or spend a little more time and earn some more. There’s no set answer and it varies by individual. However, all those little survey earnings add up over time!

Some surveys are really low paid and probably not worth the time whereas others are much better paid. For example, on my app right now I have a survey offering 28p for 10 minutes of my time – not great, whereas I have another paying £1.25 for 13 minutes – not bad!

I’d recommend always trying the higher paid surveys first and only attempting surveys you think are worth it for you.

Paid surveys in generally don’t pay megabucks, so they’re not the best money making option if you’re looking to replace an income. However, they are an easy and flexible way to add to your savings or give your budget a boost – I love to use my survey earnings to put towards buying birthday and Christmas gifts. They’re also a great way for teens to make money online.

Is AttaPoll Safe?

AttaPoll is a legitimate survey app that is safe to use. They are registered with the ICO (Information Comissioner’s Office) and are clear in their privacy policy about how they use your data. However, as with all survey sites, you should always be careful about the information you share online.

AttaPoll review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Fast payments
  • Low payment threshold


  • Some low paying surveys
  • Frequent screen-outs

Attapoll is a legitimate paid survey app. The main selling points are it’s low payment thresholds and fast payouts, making it really easy and quick to get your earnings in your pocket. The downsides are you’ll often be screened out of surveys, which can be frustrating, but unfortunately this is the case with almost all survey providers.

Overall, I think AttaPoll a good app in comparison to other similar survey apps. It’s really easy to use and has reasonable payment rates (as long as you’re picky about which surveys you take).

It’s main benefit is offering instant payouts of low amounts, so you don’t have to wait around or build up huge earnings before getting your hands on your cash.

Apps like AttaPoll

If you want to up your earning potential, the good news is there are a few other apps like AttaPoll you can add to your smartphone.

  • Qmee (global) – A paid survey app offering instant payouts from as little as 1p.
  • Curious Cat (UK) – A survey app offering fast PayPal payments.
  • Poll Pay (UK, US) – Earn PayPal cash or gift cards by sharing opinions. Enter code CTFKUE8X43 for a bonus.
  • 1Q (global) – Earn 25 cents for every question you answer.

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