The Best Survey Sites To Make Money (in the UK)

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Making money using paid survey sites, although not the most lucrative way to start making money online, is certainly one of the easiest. It can be done whenever you have a bit of spare time, even just as you’re sat in front of the TV in the evening, so is really flexible.

I started using paid survey sites way back when I was a student (well over a decade ago, eek) and it’s something I always go back to when I want to pick up a little extra cash.

Whilst it’s not possible to make a full time income taking paid surveys, it’s definitely possible to make a good monthly sum with a little bit of time and effort. Even if you just want to take a few surveys here and there you could still net yourself a good £50 each month.

My best months of using paid survey sites I was able to make over £200! Some survey sites pay in cash, either to your bank or to PayPal, whereas others will pay in gift vouchers. I like to save up my gift vouchers to use for birthdays or Christmas shopping.

There are a LOT of free survey sites out there, so I’m going to share what I’ve found to be the best survey sites for UK users.

You’ll find that some are more suited to you than others, so it’s worth signing up for a few to see which you get on with the best. You can also supplement your survey income with money making apps.

The Best Survey Sites in the UK


Prolific is a crowdsourcing site which pays you to take part in academic research studies. The payout on these is really good for paid surveys and it’s probably one of the more interesting and varied sites to use. When you log in you will see a list of your available studies, the estimated time it will take to complete and the reward you will be paid.

The best thing about prolific is that once you’ve completed the profiling questions you’ll only be shown studies you’re pre-qualified for, so no annoying screen outs.

Populus Live

Populus Live is another of my favourite UK survey sites as it always pays a set fee of £1 per 5 minutes, which is pretty high for online surveys! The surveys are usually worth between £1 and £5 and are sent via email invitation. Once you’ve reached £50 in earnings, you’ll be paid into your bank account .


YouGov send surveys that cover all kinds of topics, including politics and current affairs. Each survey is usually worth 50p or more and is reasonably short. I like it because once you’re invited to a survey you’re unlikely to be disqualified so it doesn’t waste your time.

The downside is that you have to earn £50 before you receive payment, which will be transferred into your bank account. It’s definitely worth registering though, as it takes just minutes to complete the surveys as and when they send them, and the £50 payment is always a nice bonus!

You can also earn extra points by referring your friends; you earn 200 points (worth £2) for each friend that completes 6 surveys.

Those three sites above are my favourite overall, and in my opinion, the best paid survey sites for UK residents.

The following sites are also good options for those in the UK wanting to earn from surveys.


Swagbucks was the first survey site I started using, and I’ve earned loads over the years. There are plenty of surveys, but you can also earn by watching videos, reading content, searching the web and completing offers.

The downside of Swagbucks is that I have found that screen outs and disqualifications have become more regular lately.

On Swagbucks for every task you complete you are rewarded with points called sb. You can cash out either directly to your PayPal account or to a variety of gift cards such as Amazon.  I usually choose Amazon vouchers, but there are lots more to choose from.


With i-Say you earn points for each survey you take, which can then be exchanged for vouchers. Surveys are reasonably regular and not too long. It does take a couple of weeks to receive your reward after claiming.

  • Register: Sign up to i-Say >
  • Cashout options: Amazon, High Street gift cards (John Lewis, Argos etc)
  • Minimum payout: £10


Qmee is a survey site (or app) that you also add as a browser extension. There are usually surveys daily, but you may screen out easily if you don’t meet the target demographic.

With Qmee you can cash out any amount from 1p – and it’s paid immediately to your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can request to be paid in Amazon vouchers.

I find that I do get a lot of early screen outs on Qmee, but I do love the really low payment threshold and the immediate payouts.


With this site, you’ll be rewarded with points known as LifePoints for every activity you complete. Whilst these will primarily be surveys, there may also be opportunity to earn points by completing mini-polls or product testing. Once you’ve collected enough points you can exchange them for payment or gift cards.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey site that has cash or voucher payment options, and has a low minimum payout of £2.50. Survey invitations are sent via email, or you can log into your account to see active surveys.


Pinecone is a consumer research survey site and pays £3 per survey, which usually involves providing feedback on a new product. The best thing about Pinecone is that you can cash out immediately after each survey so don’t have to collect a certain amount.

The downside is that it usually has specific demographic requirements so it can be hard to be accepted on to the panel.

 Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a UK survey site that pays out in gift cards once you’ve earned £10.5o – Rewards are in £10 vouchers but they take a 50p processing fee to redeem. The rate of pay for each survey is reasonable, but surveys can be infrequent, with just 1 or 2 per week.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers is another paid survey site that works well for UK users. On Toluna you earn points for taking surveys which you can then exchange into rewards such as Paypal cash, Amazon vouchers or other gift cards.

Toluna tend to send several survey invitations via email daily, or you can log into the ‘Survey Centre’ to see what’s available. One of the good things here is you can select how much time you have, under 10 minutes or over, and it’ll will forward to a survey of the right length.

You receive 500 points free when you register.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an easy site to use.  When you register with Branded you can start earning with a free 200 points on sign up. You need to reach 1000 to cash out to PayPal/various gift cards and there are usually plenty of surveys available.

You can complete the daily poll each day for 5 points and completing the poll 10 days in a row will net you an extra 25 points. If you are an active member your status will improve and you can earn extra points. If you don’t want to stick to just answering surveys there is also a section for completing offers.

Branded Surveys offer a referral scheme whereby you can earn up to 200 points per active referral.

That’s my list of the current best survey sites for UK users. These are a great place to get started with making money taking online surveys and you’ll soon find you build your own list of favourites and go-to sites.

Top Tips To Make Money From Paid Surveys

  • Use a separate email address to avoid clogging up your inbox
  • Sign up to multiple panels for more chances of surveys
  • Be consistent with your answers (being untruthful or inconsistent may get you disqualified or banned)
  • Keep your profile up to date
  • Cash out when you can – don’t store up large amounts of points in case the site closes. It’s better to withdraw your earnings as soon as you can.

Still want more? Here are even more legitimate paid survey sites that work in the UK.

Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds pays for completing surveys and offers. They also pay pennies if you click on their Paid Emails. I’d recommend using a specific email if you do this though so you don’t clutter up your inbox! The payment threshold is £20.


InstaGC is technically a get-paid-to site, but they have a strong survey section. On InstaGC you earn in points and each survey will show how many points it’s worth along with how long you should expect it to take.

The great thing about InstaGC is that you can cash out your earnings from as little as £1, and the payouts are instant, so you don’t have to wait for your money at all. This is a global site, so make sure you cash out your money or vouchers in the right currency.

  • Register: Sign up to InstaGC
  • Cashout options: Amazon gift card, PayPal, Mastercard, various gift cards
  • Minimum payout: £1

New Vista

Like a lot of other paid survey sites, NewVista works on a points based system, with 100 points being worth £1. Each survey is typically worth 100 points. You need to earn 5000 points before you can cash out your earnings.

You get 500 points free when your sign up.

  • Register: Sign up to NewVista
  • Cashout options: Gift cards including Amazon, Argos, Wallis, Tesco and more
  • Minimum payout: £1


With Maximiles, along with earning points for taking surveys, you can also earn points when you shop with certain retailers, respond to emails and play games. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can redeem them products from their rewards catalogue, where you can find music, film, games, beauty and grooming products, electronics, experiences and more.

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