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What is (formerly known as Freeskins) is a relatively new get-paid-to site that allows you to make money from home doing simple tasks such as taking surveys and playing games.

Read on for our honest Freecash review and guide on how to use to make money online.

Is Freecash legit or a scam? is a legit site that genuinely pays out. We tested it on both surveys and offers and found it to be a legit money making site that is simple to use, and pays out quickly. is not a scam.

Key Info


Survey/offer frequency: High volume of surveys/offers available

Payout Speed: Same day/instant

Eligible Users


Sign up bonus: 100 coins

Pay: $1 per survey, high offer rates

Payout options:

Gift cards

How does Freecash work? works alongside companies and brands that want to advertise their products, services and apps.

When you use Freecash, you earn coins in exchange for completing surveys and tasks relating to those apps and products.

1000 coins is equivalent to $1.

Those coins can then be exchanged for rewards such as PayPal cash, Amazon vouchers, cryptocurrencies and many other gift cards.

Sign up and create your account

Choose a survey or task to complete

Cash out your rewards

How can you earn coins on Freecash?

To start earning coins head to the ‘Earn’ tab.

There are lots of different ways to make money on Freecash. These include:


Surveys on freecash are simple and pay reasonably well. You can choose to take ‘Freecash exclusive surveys’ or ‘Your Surveys’.

Freecash exclusive surveys are unlimited and pay $1 each. If you are low on time you can choose to take short surveys, these pay $0.50 each.

Your Surveys pay $0.80 per survey. There is also an option to choose between individual surveys at different payouts.


Freecash have partnered with 7 different offerwalls offering hundreds of ways to earn coins by completing tasks. 

The offerwalls on Freecash are:

  • Ayet Studios
  • AdGem Rewards
  • AdGate Media
  • Revenue Universe
  • OfferToro
  • Adsecend Media

What sort of tasks can you do on Freecash?

Tasks could be things like downloading an app and reaching a certain level, entering sweepstakes, even as simple as opening an app and using for a few minutes.

Some tasks that pay higher value may be ‘held’ until verified, but you can send a simple request on the live chat and they will release your coins.

Featured offers

Featured offers on Freecash screenshot showing Surveys tab and Board King game offer and Acorn TV offer

This section (which you’ll find within the Earn tab) is where Freecash showcases the best available offers that are popular right now. 

These are based on successful completions by people in your own country, so are a good recommendation.

How much money can you make on Freecash?

This will vary by which offers are available and how often new offers appear, but it should be more than possible to earn at least $100 a month. You can look at the leaderboard on the site, which shows how much users are earning – some are making $1000 a month.

Is safe?

All data sent through freecash while completing surveys is aggregate, meaning that it’s anonymized, and care is taken to make sure that data is secure.

However, when completing offers and surveys, always be careful about providing personally identifiable information.

Freecash Rewards

You’ll find this section under the tab ‘Rewards’.

When you join you will start on level 0. As you complete more surveys and offers on Freecash you will progress through the levels and be eligible to claim daily rewards of free coins. You can claim up to 100 free coins per day depending on your level.

To claim this reward, simply head to the ‘Rewards’ tab and click ‘claim daily bonus’. Promo Codes

There is also a box in the rewards section where you can enter any promo codes that may be available – you might find these by following Freecash on Twitter and other social platforms. Entering a valid promo code will add coins to your balance.

7 Day Streak Rewards

You can also earn extra free rewards for completing a ‘streak’. For every day you earn 1000 coins or more you’ll earn a bonus which increases for every day you maintain you streak, up to 7 days. Day 1 will earn you 25 free coins, increasing to 800 coins on day 6 with the chance to win up to 50000 coins on day 7.

Freecash 7 day streak rewards

Freecash Leaderboard

Freecash also give out additional coins to their top users. They offer rewards of $500 per day and $2500 per month to those in the top 250 positions. The more you earn, the higher you’ll climb on the leaderboard.

With there being so many prizes on offer, it’s actually not too difficult to land a spot on the leaderboard and win some free coins.

Freecash affiliates

You can also earn from referrals on Freecash using their refer-a-friend scheme. When a friend signs up using your affiliate link (which you can find under the ‘affilate’ tab) you will earn a 5% bonus on referral earnings.

Redeeming your coins

To redeem your coins simply head to the ‘Cashout’ tab where you will find all the options for withdrawals.

Withdrawal requests are usually approved within 5 minutes, with the exception of PayPal which can take up to 24 hours as it has to be manually processed.

Freecash has a 24/7 live support chat so you can request assistance any time.

Withdrawal options

There are lots of different ways you can choose to redeem your earnings on Freecash. Here’s the complete list.


  • Amazon
  • GooglePlay
  • VISA
  • Apple
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Zalando
  • Steam
  • Playstation
  • Xbox Live
  • Nintendo
  • Blizzard
  • Just Eat


  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin


  • CS:GO
  • Roblux
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant

Free Skins – How to get free CS:GO Skins

You can also choose to exchange your earnings for free CS:GO skins. Freecash has a large selection of skins which you can withdraw these to your steam account, where you can trade with other users. You are also able to sell CS:GO skins for cash if you choose.

Freecash review summary is a great site for making some extra cash. I was able to complete surveys and offers easily, those that didn’t credit immediately I sent support tickets and was credited soon after. Live support is responsive and released my held coins for higher value offers quickly.

Giftcard withdrawals were paid instantly and cash withdrawals were in my accounts within 30 minutes and I had no problems withdrawing.

Overall it’s an easy to use site and while it has less variety of earning options than some other GPT sites, it has great offer bonuses on the offer walls making it good for finding higher paid offers. The $1 survey router is a great feature and the quick surveys are good for when you have less time.

Freecash has an excellent trustpilot rating of 4.6 stars.

If you’re looking for a good earning site to make some quick cash, I’d recommend giving Freecash a try.

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