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How To Get Paid To Walk: 21 Apps and Ideas

We all know walking is great for your health, but what if it could be good for your wallet too? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid to walk? 

Well, actually, there are loads of ways you can get rewarded for walking, from active jobs that require a lot of moving around, to apps that reward you in various different ways for your steps and activity.

Getting paid to walk – or rewarded in other ways if not monetary, is a great way to get motivated to move more, be more environmentally friendly and improve your health and fitness. There are so many benefits to walking

Don’t fancy walking but still want to make money from your feet? Here’s how to get paid for taking photos of feet.

Here are some of the most popular ways to get paid to walk.

Apps that pay you to walk 

There are loads of get paid to walk apps available that offer rewards in exchange for walking and other exercise and activity. They work by connecting with your phone’s inbuilt GPS or pedometer and accelerometer, or by syncing with fitness apps or devices, such as Fitbit or Garmin.

Each of these apps will record your activity and convert your movement into points or credits which you can then exchange for rewards such as discounts, free products, gift vouchers, cash or charitable donations.

  1. Sweatcoin

    iOS | Android

    Sweatcoin is a free app that uses the inbuilt features of your smartphone such as the GPS and accelerometer to count your steps, which it then converts into its own currency called Sweatcoins.

    You can then convert your sweatcoins in the Sweatcoin marketplace in exchange for free or discounted products, or save up for some of the bigger rewards such as gift cards.

    Read our full Sweatcoin review here >>

    Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app you don’t need to do anything else to record your activity as it will automatically detect your steps and add Sweatcoin to your balance.

    Get Sweatcoin

  2. Achievement

    iOS | Android

    Achievement is a health tracking app that rewards you in cash for tracking your health actions. You can earn points for activities such as walking, cycling, and even things like meditating and logging your meals.

    Once you’ve reached 10,000 points you can exchange them for $10 into your bank account, PayPal or directly to charity.

    Get Achievement

  3. Betterpoints

    iOS | Android

    Betterpoints is another motivational app that encourages you to get moving more by offering rewards in exchange for completing fitness challenges.

    Record your workouts to earn betterpoints which you can then spend on rewards such as high street vouchers. Alternatively you can donate your points to charity.

    You can also follow your friends and compete against and alongside them for extra motivation.

    Get Betterpoints

  4. Stepbet

    iOS | Android

    This app is a little different. It encourages you to reach your fitness goals by putting real money on the line.

    First you connect the app to your phone or fitness tracker to receive personalised step goals. Then you can find a game and add a bet into the pot. Hit your daily goals to stay in the game. Once the challenge is finished, everyone who completed it wins back their bet, plus a profit.So if you’re committed to finishing the challenges, this is a great way to get motivated! If not, this is probably not the app for you.

    Get StepBet

  5. Winwalk


    Winwalk is a free Android pedometer app that counts your steps and rewards you with gift cards from popular stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Target.

    It works by using your phone’s built in sensor to count your steps, and doesn’t need to be connected to GPS.

    Get WinWalk

  6. Lympo

    iOS | Android

    Lympo is a free app that where you can earn money for your healthy habits. Completing tasks and challenges will give you rewards and enable you to buy things from the in app marketplace, such as gift vouchers or fitness products.

    You can complete exercises both inside and outside and track them within the app or by linking to other apps such as iHealth or Samsung health.

    Lympo’s aim is to motivate people to be more active in a fun and enjoyable way while earning real rewards.

    Get Lympo

  7. Charity miles

    iOS | Android

    Charity miles lets you give back to charity by rewarding your exercising with donations. For every mile you log with Charity Miles you earn money for charity.

    Once you’ve installed the app and chosen your preferred charity, you’ll need to open it and hit record when you start a workout, it won’t record automatically.

    There are over 40 charities you can choose to support include:

    • Save The Children
    • ALS
    • WWF
    • Sight For Kids
    • Operation Smile

    Get Charity Miles

  8. PK rewards US

    iOS | Android

    PK rewards is a fitness app that rewards you for working out. Its technology allows you to record any fitness activity and you’re rewarded based on how hard you work – the more effort you put in, the more coins you earn.

    Coins can be exchanged for gift cards, apparel and even trips.

    Get PK Rewards

  9. Lifecoin

    Life coin is another app that invites you to get paid to walk. Available on both Apple and Android, it connects with your GPS to count your steps. For every step you take you earn Lifecoins, which you can then exchange for gift cards, cash, sporting goods and more.

    Get LifeCoin

  10. My Walgreens

    iOS | Android

    MyWalgreens, formerly called Balance Rewards, is an app in which Walgreens customers can earn Walgreens cash rewards for completing health challenges and reaching your health goals. For each week you complete your challenge you earn Walgreens cash.

    Get My Walgreens

  11. Mapmyfitness

    iOS | Android

    Mapmyfitness and its sister apps Mapmyrun, MayMyWalk and MapMyRide are all fitness tracking apps that monitor your fitness workouts and encourage you to exercise more. Whilst you can’t earn actual cash using these apps, completing challenges and tracking your activity will enter you into prize draws to win various fitness prizes.

    If you’re interested in tracking your activity and getting a good insight into your fitness and workout stats these are good apps for that, and you can also join their large health and fitness community.

    Get MapMyFitness

  12. Optimity

    iOS | Android

    Optimity, formerly known as Carrot Rewards, is an app that aims to maximise your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

    It works by syncing with your phones step tracker, or other health tracker such as Fitbit to monitor activity. You can then complete activities such as exercises, stretches, and even meditations and quizzes. As you complete these you earn gems, which you can later exchange for real rewards such as Amazon gift cards.

    You can also challenge your friends and family for extra motivation.

    Get Optimity

  13. Fitpotato

    iOS | Android

    FitPotato is an iOS app that lets you challenge friends and other app users to earn cash rewards for steps. You can use the app to record walking, running or dog walking. Like StepBet, this app requires you to back yourself by adding to the pot.

    Join weekly challenges and complete 3 sessions during the week for a chance to win. If you complete all three, you’ll win a share of the weekly prize. If you’re the only winner you get the entire prize.

    Fitpotato needs to connect to your phone’s health app and GPS to work.

    Get Fit Potato

  14. Fit for bucks

    iOS | Android

    Fit for Bucks rewards you for your everyday fitness. Once you’ve downloaded the Fit for bucks app you can connect it to your preferred activity tracker. It will then track your movement and activities, whether thats walking, running, dancing or working out at the gym, your steps will be counted.

    Once you’ve amassed enough, you can exchange your steps for rewards within the app community. For example, 20,000 steps will net you a free coffee.

    Get Fit For Bucks

  15. Runtopia

    iOS | Android

    Runtopia allows you to track and record your runs as well as providing you with analysis of your activity. It also has a step counter which converts your steps into currency units called SPC coins.

    You can use your SPC coins to purchase rewards such as vouchers, sports gear or exchange for Paypal cash rewards.

    Get Runtopia

  16. Earthmiles

    iOs | Android

    Earthmiles is another app that rewards you for keeping fit. You can connect it with your existing health and fitness tracker or inbuilt phone health app to record your steps and workouts and earn Earthmiles as you do so.

    You can then spend your Earthmiles in the in app store to receive free products and discounts on fitness and health products.

    Get Earthmiles

More ways to get paid to walk

So we’ve covered apps that reward you for walking, but how jobs that allow you to get paid for walking? Here are a few ideas.

Get paid to walk dogs

If you dogs and love keeping fit through walking, then becoming a dog walker might be the perfect way to get paid for walking! Plenty of people are too busy to walk their dogs everyday but still want to keep them healthy, so will pay someone to come and walk the dog each day.

You could either set up on your own and start a dog walking business, advertising with local flyers, social media and online advertising, or search and apply for existing dog walker vacancies in your area.

You can use the dog walking app Rover to help you find and apply for work. Another app you can use to find on demand dog walking work is Wag.

Delivering post/leaflet distribution

If you’re really looking for a job that keeps you on your feet, delivering post or newspapers, or distributing leaflets definitely fits the bill. Get paid to walk around all day and keep fit in the process.

Becoming a tour guide

If you live in a place that gets a lot of tourists, becoming a tour guide is another way to get paid while walking. Research walking tours available where you live to see which companies provide them, then see how you can apply to becoming a tour guide yourself.

Working as an Amazon Picker

A sure way to get the steps in, becoming an Amazon picker is another job that requires a lot of walking. You’ll need to be fit, as you’ll be on your feet all day, but if you’re wanting to improve your fitness and work an active job this could be ideal. Check out Amazon Jobs to see what’s available.

Hospital Porter

Working as a hospital porter will also require a lot of walking, as you’ll be expected to run errands and transport patients across the hospital. Lots of energy is required and it helps if you have a friendly and sociable nature as you’ll also be interacting with lots of people.

InstaCart Shopper

As an Instacart shopper you can pick up work as and when you need it. You’ll be needed to shop and deliver orders. You’ll receive the orders through an app on your smartphone and then fulfil the order in store. This is a great side hustle for people looking to make some extra money, and another job that keeps you active.

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