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How To Make Money Fast

We all know the feeling, right? The one where it gets closer to the end of the month and there’s just not quite enough cash left.

Or those times where someone asks you if you want to go out for a drink, or have dinner and you have to say no because the budget just wont cover it right now.

Whilst great ways to overcome this in the longer term are to cut back or find ways to make extra money that can supplement your income each month, sometimes you just have those ‘I need money now’ moments.

There’s no magic solution to getting loads of money right now, but there are a few ways you can try to make money fast to get that little extra to tide you over.

I’m not talking about a get rich quick scheme (sorry, not sorry).

I’m talking about little ways to make small amounts of money to tide you over or allow to go for that drink out you wanted to didn’t quite have the cash.

Have you ever clicked on a link looking for a way to earn money right now?

If you have, I’m willing to bet you’ve come away a little disappointed.

A quick search and you’ll find a gazillion articles promising you ways to make quick money, claiming to show you how to make 100 today and everyday but truthfully, while a lot of those things are of course legitimate ways that you can earn extra money, they do take time so wont help you make money right now.

If you’re looking to make hundreds in 5 minutes, I’m sorry, this article isn’t that. However if you want to know how to realistically make an extra tenner or two, fast, you’re in the right place.

Whilst the below ideas for making money quickly might not be earth shattering or exciting, and certainly wont make you a millionaire, they are probably the easiest and most realistic ways to make money today, or at the very least, this week.

Ideas To Make Money Fast

Sell Your Clutter On Facebook

If you’ve got stuff cluttering up your house you know you’re not going to use, or you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages, take a few pics and pop it up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Search for local buy sell groups on Facebook for your area too, join those and you can advertise your items in those as well.

If you want to sell and get the money quickly, make sure you price them attractively. Try offering incentives like ‘Selling for just £5 if collected today’ to get a quick sale.Here are some ideas of things you might have that you may be able to sell:

  • Unopened perfume
  • Unused makeup products
  • Box sets
  • Clothes, especially kids and baby clothes.
  • Toys
  • Baby items
  • Books
  • Giftcards

If you’re not willing to take a lower price on your items, just be aware it may take longer and be more difficult to sell. You could try eBay to reach a wider group of people, but it may take longer and you might have to pay listing and selling fees.

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Sell your gold/jewellery

This is less likely to be applicable to everyone, but if you do have any old jewellery, you can sell your cash for gold. There are high street shops you can take it to and exchange for cash there and then, or you can try using gold buying websites online, which may give you a better price, but it will take longer to get your cash in your pocket.

Send your unwanted DVDs to Music Magpie

Websites such as Music Magpie will pay small amounts of cash for your old DVDs, CDs, tech and books. You can use their apps to scan in the bar-codes of your items and it will show you what they’re willing to offer for them. Then you send them off, and once they’ve been received and checked, you’ll be paid.

Apps You Can Use To Earn And Cash Out Quickly

Okay, so we’re not talking megabucks, but if a extra tenner or so is gonna make that difference and you can spare a little time, these apps and get-paid-to websites pay out quickly.


Qmee is a survey app. If you sign up using this link, you’ll receive 50p extra free on your first cash out. Using Qmee is simple, for each survey you complete, the money is added to your Qmee piggy bank and you can withdraw instantly to PayPal at any time, for any amount (even 1p!).

Get Qmee

Curious Cat

This is a survey app that pays to PayPal. As soon as you’ve reached £1 in earnings you can withdraw your money to your PayPal account for an instant payment.

Get Curious Cat

Sites You Can Use To Make Money Quickly

Earnably is a GPT site that pays out quickly to PayPal. You can earn by taking surveys and completing offers and tasks. You’ll probably only make a few pounds, but the benefit to Earnably is that you can withdraw your money to PayPal as soon as you reach 180 points (£1).

Sign up to Earnably


Timebucks is a get-paid-to site that pays for taking surveys and completing offers and tasks.

It may take a little longer depending on what day you start as they pay out every Thursday providing you’ve accumulated over $10 (if you haven’t don’t worry, your earnings just roll over to the next week.) I find it easy enough to earn about $3 a day on Timebucks, but I don’t spend much time on it, if you did you might be able to rack up a bit more. Reaching the $10 in a week is easily achievable.

Sign up for Timebucks

Oh My Dosh

Oh My Dosh is a website that pays you for trying out offers and trials. There are tons of offers available but if you’re looking for quick cash, you need to check their ‘Lightning Pay’ section. These are offers which they will pay out within three days. You get £1 free when you sign up

Some offers and sign ups aren’t free, but here are a few example of offers that are:

  • 30 Day Free Trial With Prime Video – £4
  • Sign Up To Survey Spotter & Complete 2 Surveys – £0.75
  • Join GFK MediaView – £1.25
  • 30 Free Trial Of Amazon Music – £2
  • Enter To Win A £500 Argos Card – £0.50
  • Link your card to Airtime Rewards for discounts on your Mobile Phone Bill – £1.15

Here’s a couple that require small payments

  • Get A 1 Month Trial With Readly for Just 99P  – £4
  • Graze Box –  Sign Up And Get Your First Box Free – £2

A Few More Ideas To Make Money Fast (Within A Week)

  • Try taking clothes you couldn’t sell to a cash for clothes shop. They will pay you on the spot for clothes in reasonable condition. The downside is they pay by weight and the rate is usually very low.
  • Offer up your services as a babysitter/odd jobs person to your friends and family and see if you can earn some quick cash helping people out.
  • Do a car boot sale
  • Carry out information gathering tasks – Apps such as BeMyEye and Field Agent will pay you to visit shops and companies near you and take notes or pictures. Just check the missions, accept the closest assignments and follow the instructions.

Hopefully there are some ideas there to help you get the ball rolling. I know often we just want an easy way to make money instantly but unfortunately that’s not always possible!

However, with a little time and effort the ideas listed above should make that little bit of cash quickly which can sometimes be all you need to make the difference between saying yes or no to something you’d like to do, or helping you put a bit more in your grocery fund if things have just got a bit too tight.

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