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How to Sell Feet Pics Online To Make Money – Ultimate Guide

It may be up there as one of the more unusual ways to make extra money, but did you know you can actually earn money selling feet pics online? 

That’s right, you can really sell photographs of your very own feet for actual money; it’s a completely legit side hustle, and many people have made great money this way.

If you’re not quite ready to consider selling feet pics yet, you could try dipping your toe in the water (see what I did there?) by selling used shoes – another somewhat interesting side hustle!

Whilst you may not be able to make selling feet pictures your sole income (sorry, I can’t help myself), a lot of people have found it a seriously lucrative endeavour.

Here is a comprehensive guide on where to sell, how to go about it and what to watch out for when you decide to try selling feet pics for cash.

Where can you sell feet pictures?

Feet picture of woman's bare feet facing viewer on pale wooden background with white flower covering and green stems beside.

There are loads of different places you can sell feet pics, and we’ll go into more detail about each of them throughout this article. These include selling on social media, using specialist websites and apps, selling to stock photo sites and foot modelling.

One specialist website currently accepting new feet pic sellers is FunWithFeet – a fast growing marketplace for buying and selling photo and video content. Plus, you can use code savvysloth for a 10% discount.

Is it legal to sell feet pics?

Yes, in the US, UK and other countries such as Canada and New Zealand, it’s legal to sell feet photos. 

It may not be in some other countries, so make sure to do your research before selling feet pics if you think it may not be legal in your country.

You should be over 18 to sell feet pics and most selling sites won’t allow you to register without proving your age.

How much money can you make selling feet pics?

The amount of money you can make will vary from person to person, there are some people (like this lady) that make a full time income, and others happy to make a little extra cash as a side gig. On average, you can expect to earn around $10 per photo.

Do you have to pay taxes on income from selling feet pictures?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on all extra income, subject to the tax laws in your country. Make sure to record all your income from selling feet pics so that you have a record when it comes to filing taxes.

Who buys feet pics?

There are a few different reasons people might be interested in buying feet pics.

  • People with a foot fetish – you might be surprised just how many people are into feet. In fact, according to Psychology Today, feet are among the most common sexual fetishes. along with hands and hair.
  • Advertising – Foot models are required for photo and video shoots to advertise products such as sandals and shoes, jewellery, skincare and beauty products and so on.
  • Stock photo sites – Stock photography sites often pay photographers to upload images to include in their stock image library.
  • Publishers: Publishers of news and magazine articles may require feet pics to use to add visuals to their publications.

Is there a market for male feet pictures?

A common question often asked is ‘Can men sell feet pics?’ And the answers is yes, absolutely. Don’t be put off thinking that there’s only room for female feet pic sellers, men can get in on this too.

Whilst it may be more common for women to make money this way, it’s certainly possible to sell male feet pics as well. In fact, this man from Arizona makes up to $4000 a month selling his feet pics on Instagram and Only Fans.

How to start selling feet pictures for money

The first way you can start selling feet pics is by using specialist websites designed specifically for the purposes of buying and selling feet photographs. These websites do charge commission and/or membership fees, but are the easiest place to get quickly connected with people already looking to buy.

We recommend always using caution when signing up to anything online, always read the terms and conditions, and take a look at reviews for other people’s experiences.

Here are a couple of popular websites for selling feet pics.

FunwithFeet is a new but rapidly growing buy/sell marketplace for feet content. Naming itself the #1 platform to buy and sell sexy feet pics and videos it offers sellers access to an audience of customers obsessed with feet.

Signing up as a seller is quick and easy and you can create your profile in just a few minutes.

What kind of content can you sell on FunwithFeet?

FunwithFeet say they have a huge community of buyers that are interested in all different kinds of foot content. They suggest uploading a variety of styles of content, in different settings to see what sells best for you. Creating themed collections is another suggestion.

You can sell pictures, videos and even custom content. You can also use the chat function to communicate with customers.

How much money can you make on FunwithFeet?

Seller collections on FunwithFeet typically sell for between $10 and $30 and they say the average seller has 15 collection unlocks each month. There is no cap on what you can earn and they say alongside people earning a decent side income they also have full time content creators earning their whole living with them.

How much does it cost to sell on FunwithFeet?

To sell your feet content on FunwithFeet you have to pay a small membership fee. You can choose to pay $9.99 for 3 months of selling or $14.99 for 6 months.

How do you get paid on FunwithFeet?

When a customer unlocks your photos or videos you’ll be credited instantly to your FunwithFeet wallet, which you can then withdraw into your bank account.

Feet Lovers Only

Feet Lovers Only is an online community & marketplace where people can buy & sell custom feet pics & videos as well as shoes & socks.

Here’s what they have to say about selling feet pics via their site:

Feet Lovers Only is the #1 marketplace for buying and selling Instant Feet Pics. You can search through our feet by nationality, occupation & more. So if you’re looking for feet pics from an American flight attendant or even pick up a pair of her used pantyhose after a long flight, you’ll find them right here at FLO!

How much does it cost to sell with Feet Lovers Only?

Feet Lovers Only is free to join, but if you want to start selling you’ll need to purchase one of their seller packages. Their premium seller package is $14.99. They don’t charge commission on sales so you’ll get the full amount of any sales you make.

Can you stay anonymous?

Yes, Feet Lovers Only won’t share your information, and you’re encouraged not to share any personal details with potential buyers to protect your identity.


FeetFinder is another website dedicated to the buying and selling of feet pics. With hundreds of new feet pictures and videos uploaded every day it’s a popular website for exclusive and safe feet content.

You can use Feet Finder in almost any country in the world but you must be able to prove you’re not underage by providing a government issued ID.

To use FeetFinder as a seller there is a monthly $2.99 subscription charge (or $24.99 a year) which you can cancel at any time.

Is FeetFinder anonymous?

Yes. The only information shared with users is that which you add to your profile, which include username, photos, bio, ethnicity and foot size. Your ID will only ever be used for verification and payment purposes.

How to start selling feet pics with FeetFinder

All you need to do to get started is create an account and verify your ID. Once you have an account you can start to upload photos. Buyers can buy individual photos and videos, or choose to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to access all your content.

When you upload your photos they are automatically blurred; when users purchase your feet pics they then receive the unblurred version. 

Do you have to show your face on FeetFinder?

No. You don’t have to show your face in your feet pics and it’s fine to keep annoymous and only show feet. However, FeetFinder do state that members who show their face and body in photos have a better chance of making sales.

How much money can you make on FeetFinder?

You can set your own pricing per photo or video, as well as have a set monthly price for subscribers. You can also choose to allow buyers to message you (on the platform) with custom requests which you can choose to accept or decline and choose how much you would charge.

You’ll keep 80% of your earnings on FeetFinder, with FeetFinder retaining 20% of all transactions.

See this video from FeetFinder for more info on how it all works:


Feetify is a dedicated feet site with over 154k users. Although it doesn’t have quite as professional or polished looking website as Instafeet or FeetFinder, it is another available marketplace for the buying and selling of feet pics.

You must be over the age of 18 to sign up to Feetify and it’s free to register as a buyer or seller. However they also offer a premium member option which gives more exposure and therefore more opportunities for sales.

Buying and selling over Feetify is mostly done through connections and chat through Feetify’s messaging system.

Once you’ve registered you can create a profile and start uploading photos. If buyers wish, they can connect with you to show interest in buying from you.

To maintain your privacy you should never give out personal information either in your profile or messages and use Feetify’s payment system to avoid the potential of being scammed by giving out payment information directly to buyers.


The last feet picture and video selling site I’m going to mention is DollarFeet. This one is a little different in that you don’t sell to individual buyers, it’s the site itself that pays for your photos and videos.

With DollarFeet, you must be willing to include your face in your content, so if that’s not comfortable with you then this may be one to avoid.

DollarFeet will pay $7-$10 per 5 minute video (sometimes more) and you can expect to receive payment within 24 hours. They say that if you have pink soles and wide heels you could become of their regular foot models.

To apply to become a model you just need to fill in the online application form and submit photos and a video. You can view sample videos on their website to see what’s expected.

You must be 18 or over to apply to DollarFeet.


This site (Instafeet) has been flagged as a scam site. There have been reports of fraudulent activity on user’s ID and payment information, so we highly recommend avoiding.

Instafeet is a specialist website dedicated to feet pics. They allow ‘anyone to connect with admirers of their feet and get paid for access to exclusive content.’

Screenshow showing instructions - Create a profile, Post content and set a price

 How to sell feet pics with Instafeet

Anyone female and over the age of 18 can apply to become a creator with Instafeet.

First you will need to sign up and apply for a profile. You’ll need a valid ID. Bear in mind that not every application will be accepted, so make sure to read the rules first before submitting.

Secondly, you’ll need to upload some feet photos. Instafeet recommends that you start by uploading at least 5 feet pics to begin.

Lastly, you need to set your price. Instafeet works on a subscription model, and suggest you start pricing at $10 or less monthly. This means that you’d earn $50 per 5 subscribers.

Instafeet take a 10% commission fee.

Do you have to show your face on Instafeet?

You’re not required to show your face on Instafeet, but you may be able to make more money if you do. Your photos are only visible to your buyers and subscribers, but it also worth noting that in the terms and conditions Instafeet state that when uploading photos you give them the right to use them in their own social media and marketing, so be careful when guarding your privacy.

How much should you charge for feet pics on Instafeet?

You can set your own pricing however you like, but Instafeet recommend that new sellers don’t initially charge more than $10. You can of course, increase your pricing as you build up your client base.

Tips for applying to Instafeet

Instafeet do not accept every application to be a creator on their platform, so make sure to follow their guidance to make your application more likely to succeed. They suggest you:

  • Moisturize your toes and feet
  • Have a pedicure/wear nail colour
  • Pluck any hairs
  • Submit both face and feet pics
  • Avoid blurry pictures
  • Accessorise with toe/ankle jewellery
  • Make sure to use a valid ID

Is Instafeet a scam?

Unfortunately, it looks likely that Instafeet is a scam. Online reviews from recent users question the legitimacy of the site and suggest problems getting verified followed by suspicious activity on their credit accounts.

Here are some screenshots of reviews and online forum posts from Instafeet users. Looking at these, we’d have to suggest extreme caution when using this website.

Reddit thread screenshot titled 'Instafeet scam. They have my identity. what will happen?
Instafeet Trustpilot review screenshot showing 1 star reviews

Reddit screenshot of thread titled 'Instafeet def a scam'

Selling Feet Pics On Social Media

Example feet pic - Woman wearing pink and grey checked pyjamas lying on bed with feet crossed in the air behind her

Another popular method to sell feet pics is by using social media platforms. This allows you to engage and connect directly with your customer base and means you can avoid paying commission and transaction fees like you do with buy/sell websites. The downside is that you don’t reach the already established audience, but the good news is that you can build your own super targeted audience of people interested in buying specifically from you.

How to sell feet pictures on Instagram

As it’s such a visual platform, Instagram can be a great way of building an audience interested in buying feet pics online. In fact, one lady was able to make over $70,000 a year selling feet pictures via Instagram! 

Jessica Gould, from Ontario became a foot model after seeing an advert online. She now uses Instagram, and has grown her account to over 10 thousand followers. She posts 4 photos with hashtags a day to make her money.

You can see how popular it is just by having a quick look at some feet related hashtags on Instagram:

#feet has 16,765,203 posts

#feetpics has 1,551,640 posts

So the demand is there if you know how to tap into it!

Tips for growing an Instagram account to sell feet pics

1. Optimize your bio

You want to reach the right people so it’s important your bio is clear on who you are and what you’re offering. Make sure to include a clear description of what your account is about, but include some personality as people will be more drawn to that.

You are also able to include a link here, so if you have your own website or page you could link to that or perhaps your selling profile on another feet pic selling site.

Include a call to action as well – what do you want people to do? Message you for info? Visit your site? Let them know.

2. Be consistent

Consitency is key when it comes to growing followers on Instagram so make sure to post consistently. If you can, posting daily is best, especially in the beginning stages of growing your account.

3. Mix it up

Instagram offers a variety of ways in which to share your content, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try out each option. You can post single pictures (posts), Reels (videos) stories (temporary videos/photos that last 24 hours) and carousel posts (a group of up to 10 photos or videos in one post). Different people will engage more with different mediums, so you’ll have more chance of connecting with a larger number of people. Plus, over time you’ll be able to establish which type of content gets you the most engagement, helping you know where to focus your efforts more heavily.

4. Write engaging captions

Yes, your photos need to be good quality, but writing good captions can make all the difference. Try and be engaging and interesting and give context to your photos. You can mix it up here too – try short and sweet as well as some longer and more thoughtful musings. Make sure to use keywords here too as these can help you appear when people search for specific terms.

5. Don’t forget hashtags!

Hastags are so important on Instagram. These allow people to find and connect with posts and accounts relevant to them. Using good hashtags will help you to reach a much wider audience. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, although you don’t need to use them all. People can search for and follow their favourite hashtags so it’s a vital way of being able to get your account found.

Search for the popular hashtags surround feet and try out some of those, use hugely popular ones and also some smaller more niche ones to help. For example: #feetpics, #feetstagram, #feetlove, #feetselfie, #prettyfeet, to name just a few!

6. Finally, engage with others

Instagram is all about engagement, and the better your engagement the better Instagram will treat you. Find and follow other accounts, like their posts, write them comments. Engage back with the people that engage with your own posts, reply to comments. Start conversations and create opportunities for engagement by asking questions and using polls. Be engaged.

Using Twitter to sell feet pics

Twitter is also a social media platform you can use to help grow an audience for selling feet pics. Similarly to Instagram, finding and using relevant hashtags. Again, good engagement will help your account to grow and broaden your potential audience.

One successful foot pic seller, Camilla, suggests building accounts on Twitter and Instagram purely for feet, using hashtags is a good way to get yourself out there. Her advice is to ‘promote yourself as much as possible through social media.’

Selling feet pics on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is yet another place people are cashing in on making money with feet pics. 28 year old medical student ‘Sweet Arches’ from Oregan makes $6000 a month. She started on Instagram, but soon realised she could monetise her content further using Only Fans, and was able to triple her monthly salary as a surgical assistant.

She does warn though that to make that kind of income she has to work hard and spend a lot of time on her content.

OnlyFans works on a subscription basis, so buyers would subscribe on a monthly basis for access to your content. It has a minimum subscription cost set at $4.99 and a max of $49.99, within which you can set your own price. You can also earn extra via tips and providing pay per view content.

You’ll receive 80% of your earnings with OnlyFans taking a 20% cut.

Selling feet pics on Reddit

Reddit is yet another platform you can use to sell feet pics. With the subreddit r/feetpics having over 240k members you can see it’s a pretty hot topic!

Whilst you can’t explicitly advertise sales of feet pics on reddit, it’s implicitly understood that’s what’s happening.

To sell feet pics on reddit you need to add good quality (not blurry) photos within that community to market yourself. To make it clear that you’re looking to sell you need to add ‘comments and DMs/PMs welcome’.

Becoming a foot model/parts model

Feet pic example of woman's foot with sparkly purple nail polish after pedicure.

An additional potential way to earn money selling photographs or videos of your feet is by becoming a foot model.

A foot model is someone who makes an income specifically using their feet. If you feel like you don’t have the typical ‘model figure’, but you do think you have appealing feet, you could still get into modelling this way. Your feet can be used for advertising campaigns that require close up photos or videos.

There are lots of brands that look for foot models, including shoe or sandal brands, jewellery companies, beauty and skincare brands and lots more. 

Whilst it may not be possible to find full time work as a foot model, individual shoots can be quite lucrative.  Hand modelling jobs are more abundant, so it’s worth adding additional body parts to your CV to attract more work.

Sell feet pics to stock photo sites

If you think about it, you see hundreds of news stories, magazine articles, online posts and most of these are usually accompanied by images. Not all of those images will have been taken specifically for each article, in fact, a lot will have been purchased or licensed from stock photograph websites.

This gives another option to consider when selling feet pics – why not try selling them to stock photo sites? While it may not be as lucrative as selling to people with a foot fetish, it’s still a legitimate way to make money from your photos.

Popular stock photo sites to try include Pexels, Pixabay, ShutterStock and Canva.

Another photo selling app you could try is Foap – a place where creators can use to sell their photography. It’s a massive community to showcase your photos on and turn your pictures and videos into money.

All you have to do is upload your photos and videos and if a brand, agency or anyone else wants to purchase them Foap split the profit with you 50/50.

Things to consider before selling feet pics

Before you start selling feet pics it’s worth making sure you’ve considered a few things.

Know your boundaries – whilst it is a legitimate way to make extra money, you will undoubtably receive some weird and interesting requests. That’s just the nature of the business. Don’t ever feel pressured to agree to any requests you’re not completely comfortable with.

Decide what you’re happy with – will you show your face in your photos? Will you do videos or just photos. How can you stay anonymous or maintain your privacy?

Do thorough research – look carefully at the terms and conditions when signing up to selling sites. Check the rights to your images – who will own them and for what purposes?

How to sell feet pics without getting scammed

Unfortunately, as is the case with many online ventures, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of people. There are a few steps you can take to avoid getting scammed while selling your feet pictures.

Make sure you receive payment before sending photos. With selling sites such as FeetFinder, this is done automatically by blurring your photos before sale, but when selling privately you can use watermarks to protect your photos and delay sending until you’ve been paid.

Be aware of common scams – these include being asked to send them small amounts of money first to ‘make sure you’re a real person’, being asked to buy gift cards to transfer money or being asked to form a sugar baby/daddy relationship. These are most likely trying to con you.

Best tips for selling feet pics

  • Take good care of your feet, keep them moisturised and well groomed
  • Take good quality, professional style photos
  • Guard your privacy – remove personal data from photos
  • Don’t give out personal information / banking details to customers
  • Make sure to read terms carefully when signing up to selling sites

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