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MNFST App – Making Money From Your Social Media

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Making money online is not a new phenomenon, but lately, with the popularity of social media and what’s known as ‘influencer’ status, people, (especially well-known people or celebrities) have been able to leverage their large social media followings to gain paid work posting advertisements for brands online.

Companies and brands pay influencers to promote their service or product in the hope that their reach and influence will lead to more awareness, visibility and sales.

Usually this kind of paid activity is limited to those who have much larger social media followings, but with the launch of new app MNFST, there is now opportunity for everyone to potentially earn money from their social media accounts.

What is MNFST?

MNFST (which stands for Manifest) is a new app available for both iOS and Android devices, that allows social media users to be paid for brand campaigns, even if they only have a small social media following.

Founded in 2017, after being inspired by the rise of the sharing economy – an example of which being how anyone can rent out their home on Airbnb, MNFST creators wanted to break down barriers between social media and making money, so they founded the world’s first crowd promotion platform so that anyone can make money from their social media.

It gives the everyday social media user, with their own loyal followers, even if that’s just family or friends,  the chance to earn some money from paid campaigns. It helps keep authenticity too – users can choose to only promote campaigns they genuinely like, and skip past any they’d prefer not to post about.

MNFST acts as a broker between users and brands, giving brands the opportunity to gain more widespread and organic promotion, by working with ordinary social media users – because everyone is an influencer. They make money by taking a commission from each paid post made by a user.

How does MNFST work?

It’s completely free to join, you can download the app onto your iOS or Android device and get started straightaway by linking your social media profiles.

Currently working on Twitter and Instagram, the MNFST app uses a unique algorithm to determine a user’s ‘Social Capital Score’ which is then used to calculate the projected earnings for the user based on their influence.

MNFST – post and get paid

Once you’ve connected your accounts, you’ll be able to see your score, which is updated daily, and be shown the paid posts available. You can create your posts easily from within the app. MNSFT uses a visual technology (segmentation) that allows you to be ‘transported’ to different settings via your camera – so you can take a picture that shows yourself placed in a different background.

You’ll be paid within 24 hours of completing a campaign and you can withdraw your money to PayPal or Revolut.

A Few Stats

So far, the app has had almost 15 000 users in the UK alone, who between them have made up to £50 000 in earnings from using MNFST.

What MNFST say about themselves:

Our mission is to help people grow their digital assets by empowering them to support the brands they genuinely like and benefit from it monetarily or morally via supporting brands and/or charities.”

“This new breed of influencer doesn’t have a fanbase of millions or a blue tick but offers brands an unrivalled sense of authenticity and transparency, and boasts a highly engaged, loyal ‘fanbase’. These influencers want to share content they love, with the people who they care about most – and now they can get rewarded to do exactly that”.
Victor Belogub, co founder MNFST

Why Should You Join MNFST?

The key benefits are:

  • It allows anyone to make money from their social media
  • It gives more authenticity as it it works with ordinary users (no fake followers)
  • It’s easy to use
  • It pays out quickly

If you’re looking for a new side hustle, or way to earn a few extra pennies, it’s worth checking out MNFST.

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