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Receipt Scanning Apps: Earn From Your Receipts

How many receipts do you just chuck straight in the bin or find laying around your house? Why not use those receipts to make yourself some money? You could be using receipt snapping apps on your smartphone, that will pay you just for uploading pictures of your shopping receipts.

How to get paid to upload receipts

There are a number of mobile apps that will pay you in exchange for your shopping data. It’s really quick and easy. The basic idea is that you take a picture of your receipt after you’ve been shopping and upload it to the app. It literally takes a few seconds to do. Photos must be clear and show itemisation, date, time and shop.

It doesn’t have to just be a supermarket shop, you can snap your receipts for clothing, or restaurant trips and the like. Receipts need to be dated within the last seven days. You collect points or cash and when you’ve reached the minimum payment threshold, you can withdraw your money.

Why do they want to see your receipts?

When you use receipt apps, the data from your shopping receipts are used for market research about consumer behaviour. This can help brands to shape and develop products and services in response to the way their customers shop.

Alway check the terms and conditions of each individual app, but generally, your data is completely anonymous, and your personal data should never be sold or passed on to third parties without your consent.

Here are some of the best receipt apps currently available. You can use these in conjunction with supermarket cashback apps such as Shopmium to make the most of each shopping trip!

Snap My Eats App

The Snap My Eats app is specifically for receipts where you’ve purchased something to eat. Your receipt needs to be dated within the last seven days. With the snap my eats rewards scheme you earn £1 per 3 receipts snapped.

The downside with Snap My Eats is that you’re limited to 15 receipts a month. You can snap more than 15, but any over 15 will give you sweepstake entries rather than cash. Once you’ve earned £10 worth of credit you can cash out for a gift card such as Amazon.

Snap My Eats app is currently accepting new registrations – you can download it from the app store.


This receipt snapping app is available for both Apple and Android devices. To use, you simply upload your receipt and answer a couple of questions about who did the shopping. With Shoppix, you collect tokens in exchange for your receipts.

You can also forward your e-receipts to collect rewards for online shopping.

You will occasionally be offered short surveys which you can take to earn extra tokens. You also receive scratchcards for completing surveys and for uploading receipts in consecutive weeks; these give you the chance to win more tokens. When you reach 3000 tokens you can redeem for a £5 PayPal payment or gift card of your choice.


Huyu is also an app that rewards you for sharing your grocery shopping data. You can scan your in-store receipts from ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl and Co-op. You can also forward email receipts from ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado.

Huyu is only available as an iPhone app. You can create an account using your Facebook, Google or Apple sign-up.

How to earn points on Huyu

You earn points for photographing your receipts and completing surveys. You can only upload your own receipts or those of people who also live in your household. You’ll need to earn 500 points before you’re able to exchange them for shopping vouchers. You earn 5 points per in store receipt and 10 points for email receipts.

Receipts must be scanned within 7 days of shopping and must be clear and readable.

Once you have enough points you can exchange them for vouchers for various high street retailers.

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Receipt scanning apps no longer available

Unfortunately, receipts apps ZipZero and Receipt Hog are no longer working in the UK.