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Reward XP Review and Earning Guide

Reward XP is a get-paid-to (GPT) site with a mission to provide their members with ‘a simple way to earn more’.

Like most GPT sites, they offer users a variety of ways to earn extra cash online, including taking surveys, completing tasks and playing games.

We do the hard work of sifting through thousands opportunities to curate only the ones that are worth our members’ time and effort. Our goal is to make everyone feel seen, heard and respected, from GPT experts to those who are just starting out.

With so many sites out there to choose from – should you try Reward XP? Is is legit? And how does it compare to other GPT sites?

Here’s our Reward XP review and earning guide.

TLDR? Reward XP is a legit site offering competitive rewards – why not give it a try by signing up here.

Getting Started with Reward XP

Getting started with Reward XP is super simple. The sign-up process is uncomplicated, the XP system is straightforward, and the site is easy to navigate.

To join, it’s as simple as heading to their website and hitting the “Sign Up” button. You can use your Google account or Facebook to make the process even quicker.

  1. Go to Reward XP’s sign-up page.
  2. Choose to sign up with either Google or Facebook.
  3. Complete any additional fields if prompted.
  4. Confirm your account via email (if required).

The XP System

Reward XP’s XP system works on a points basis (XP Points) which are earned by completing various tasks (such as surveys and offers).

These points translate into levels. As you earn more XP points, your level increases, unlocking new benefits. The system works like this:

  • Earn XP Points: Complete tasks to earn points.
  • Level Up: Accumulate enough points to reach the next level.
  • Reap Benefits: Higher levels mean better rewards.
Level requirements and bonuses chart

Is Reward XP easy to use?

The user interface of Reward XP is pretty straightforward both on a desktop or a mobile. It’s quick to access tasks and offers on the homepage, displays your XP points and level on the dashboard, and includes a menu for everything else like your profile, settings, and support.

While the design is aesthetically fairly basic, it’s easy and intuitive to navigate around and use the site. Here’s what you’ll find and where:

  • Homepage: Quick access to tasks and offers.
  • Dashboard: Your XP points and level are displayed here.
  • Menu: Contains all the sections you need, like profile, settings, and support.

How to earn on Reward XP

Reward XP offers several different ways to earn, so you can choose the methods that suit you best. You can find these by logging into your account and clicking ‘earn’ from the left hand menu. You can then choose to filter the options by surveys, offers or videos.

Reward XP Earn page, showing surveys and offerewalls.

The ways you can earn on Reward XP are:

  • Completing Surveys: You can earn money by sharing your opinions through surveys. Reward XP partners with reputable survey routers such as YourSurveys and Dynata. The RXP Surveys Router guides you to a variety of paid surveys that match your profile. Staying truthful and consistent will enhance your chances of qualifying for more surveys.
  • Playing Games: Gamers can earn game credits by engaging with different mobile games, accumulating RXP points in the process.
  • Watching Videos: Earning by watching videos on platforms such as,, and is another low earning but relaxed way to add to your points tally.
  • Offerwalls and Tasks: Offerwalls showcase a variety of tasks, from signing up for services to testing out new apps, each offering a chance to earn more points. There are plenty of offer walls to choose from, including AdGem and AdGate Rewards.

Cashing out earnings

Once you’ve accumulated points by completing tasks, you can convert them into cash or rewards.

Depending on your region, there are various payout options on Reward XP, including PayPal, prepaid Mastercard cryptocurrencies, and Amazon and other gift cards.

How much are XP worth?

10,000 XP is equal to 1 US dollar, so it’s easy to work out how much your points are worth.

How long does it take to get your rewards?

Rewards XP process cashouts quickly, with most rewards being processed every 4 hours, and the rest processed daily. While some other GPT sites offer instant payments, Rewards XP say the reason they don’t, is that it’s safer in terms of avoiding fraud.

How much money can you make on Reward XP?

Like all GPT sites, you’re not going to be replacing your full time income, but it can give you a nice supplement. How much you earn will depend on factors such as how much time and effort you can dedicate to it.

Some users earn just a few dollars here and there, whereas others are able to net themselves an extra couple hundred a month!

Maximizing earnings

There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re making the most of your earning potential on Reward XP, such as:

  • Read instructions carefully: Each offer will come with its own requirements, so make sure to read carefully and understand what you need to do to complete the task
  • Give honest answers in surveys: Brands want reliable feedback, so be honest in your answers. You may not qualify for all surveys, but making up answers means you’re likely to be disqualified and banned from taking any more.
  • Refer your friends: earn a percentage of referrals earnings when they join with your link.
  • Connect with Discord: Connecting your Discord account to Reward XP gives access to giveaways and other earning opportunities.

How does Reward XP work – how come they can pay you to play games etc?

You might be wondering how does it all work? How can they pay users to play games and answers questions and how do they make their money themselves? Here’s what they say:

Game and App developers want more users, content creators want more views, and businesses want to find out people’s opinions about their products or services before making million-dollar business decisions. We provide quality traffic and earn a small percentage that our members earn. That means it’s possible to play games, watch videos, and complete surveys in your spare time in return for rewards. There’s no catch.

Is Reward XP legit?

Yes, Reward XP is a legit site, with a 4.4 star score on TrustPilot. With 84% of reviewers giving 5 star reviews, you can be confident this is not a scam site.

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You can also view users payment proofs on Discord to see earnings from real members.

If you’re looking for a decent GPT site that offers competitive earnings (typically 20%+ more than other sites), Reward XP is definitely worth adding to your list.

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