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How To Sell Clothes For Cash

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the best ways to sell clothes for cash. Whether you want to have a one time declutter and sell your used clothes locally, or make a profitable side business selling clothes online, I’ve put together a list of the best places to sell clothes for cash, along with some top tips on how to improve your chances of selling quickly and making the most money possible.

Selling used clothes is the perfect way to make some extra money from stuff you already have.

I used to love buying new clothes. Back when I was a student and had more ‘disposable’ money and not so many bills to pay, I would happily buy new clothes every month and think nothing of it.

Now that I’ve learned to be more frugal and am trying hard to look after my money and make better choices, I spend much much less.

But I do still love to change up my wardrobe and have different things to wear! And it does seem, considering how ‘unfashionable’ fast fashion is becoming (given the greater awareness of its affect upon the environment) it’s becoming more and more popular to buy second hand clothing.

So whether you have clothes gathering dust that you’ve never even worn, or just want to exchange your clothes for cash to buy new clothes, there are loads of easy ways to make money selling clothes.

Best places to sell clothes online for cash UK (& beyond)

Whilst it’s totally possible to make money selling clothes locally through events such as table top sales, the online world gives you access to a much bigger market of potential buyers, so there is a lot more scope to sell used clothes online that’s worth taking advantage of.

Selling Second Hand Clothes On Facebook

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Facebook Marketplace and local buy and sell groups on Facebook are probably some of the easiest and most convenient ways to sell used clothes.

It’s completely free to list your clothes for sale, and you can even arrange for them to be collected and paid for in cash, avoiding both postage costs and selling fees you might incur on other sites.


  • When selling clothes on Facebook make sure to take good quality photos so the condition of clothes can be easily seen, and make sure you describe them accurately and in detail.
  • Be clear on whether you are offering delivery or collection options only.
  • If you’re posting your items in more than one group, make sure to state that in your post so that people won’t get cross if they think they were the first to comment and didn’t get the item.
  • For the same reason, as soon as your item has been collected make sure to go back to your post and mark it as sold.


Preloved is a selling site which is also free to list your unwanted clothes on. There are no commissions taken from your sales and it’s more common to sell locally on Preloved with payment upon collection preferred, although you can arrange with the buyer to add postage charges.


Gumtree is another free online option to sell second hand clothes. It’s typically more used for selling larger items such as furniture, but there are still people who buy and sell clothing using Gumtree.

Selling Clothes on EBay

pink boot

As probably the biggest online website for buying and selling used clothes, when you sell on eBay you have access to a huge bank of potential customers.

You can choose to list your items for auction, and have people bid on them during the allotted time, highest bid wins. Alternatively, you can set the price you want and list it as a ‘Buy It Now’ item.

The biggest advantage to selling on eBay is the sheer volume of users looking to buy, however the downsides are that they do take fees for listing and for selling.

Hardly Ever Worn It

For selling unwanted luxury clothes that are in great condition, try HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It). They specialise in listing authentic designer clothes. Once you upload your listing and photos, they will review your listing and when it’s accepted it will be listed for sale. Once sold, you ship your item to the buyer (tracked and signed for) and once received you’ll receive your money in 7-14, minus 18% commission.

Clothes Selling Apps

It’s easier than every to sell second hand clothes for cash and there are a number of clothes selling apps where you can upload the clothes you have for sell, find a local buyer and in some cases, not even have to pay any fees. Here are some of the best apps for selling preloved clothes.

Best Clothes Selling Apps UK


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Vinted is a huge preloved fashion community with over 22 million members. It’s free to sell your preloved clothes on Vinted. Simply download the app, take some photos of your clothes, describe them and set a price.

Once sold you can print off a pre-paid shipping label and post. When your item is received, you’ll receive payment. There are no commission fees taken when you sell on Vinted.


Schpock is a classifieds style selling app where you can sell clothes locally. A basic listing with 3 photos is free. Once you’ve uploaded your description and photos, just wait for a buyer to make you an offer, which you can refuse or accept.

Once accepted you arrange collection, delivery or postage directly with the buyer.


Depop is a buy and sell app with over 10 million users. Orginally a social app, Depop has evolved into a social selling app – where you can see what your friends are buying and selling. It’s free to list your items on Depop but when you sell they do take a 10% commission. You’ll also need a PayPal account to sell clothes or buy using Depop.

Tips For Using Clothes Selling Apps:

  • Take good quality photos of your clothes from lots of angles, including any tags and labels.
  • Present your clothes well, making sure they’re ironed, not crumpled and in good lighting.
  • Include as much as you can in your listing titles. Brand, Size, Colour, Type are all things you should add to help searchers find your clothes.

How To Sell Used Clothes Locally

If selling used clothes online isn’t for you and you prefer to sell your clothes in person, there are definitely options available for that, meaning you can complete sales instantly and avoid the hassle of postage and the associated fees.

Sell used clothes at local events

Local selling events such as table top sales or nearly new sales are a good way to try and shift some of your unwanted clothes. You can find details of upcoming events in your local newspapers or advertised within community centres and church halls.

Most sales like this will require you to pay a small fee to book a table, which is worth bearing in mind as this cost has to be covered regardless of how much you manage to sell.

Sell clothes at Carboot sales

If you don’t mind getting up early in the morning, another great option for selling clothes for cash is a carboot sale. If you can find a free one all the better, but most will charge a small fee to be a seller.

Tips For Selling Used Clothes In Person:

  • Maximise your chances of sales by making sure everything is well presented (ironed clothes look better than crumpled up ones)
  • Hang on a clothes rail if possible
  • Make sure to clearly label everything with a price.

Be aware that while clothes do tend to sell well at carboot sales, people are looking for a bargain so if you have designer clothes you want to sell, other options might be better.

Sell Clothes For Cash By Weight

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If you haven’t had any success with the methods above, and you still need to make some money from selling your clothes, there are some places which will pay you cash for clothing, based on the weight.  

These usually pay a very small amount so you would need quite a large volume of clothing to make it worthwhile. Bear in mind they will also likely check the condition of the clothes, and won’t accept anything in really bad condition

(Selling clothes like this, often know as to ‘the rag man’ is also what charities often do with clothes they are donated but unable to sell, allowing them to still make a small amount of money for them.)

You can usually search for ‘cash for clothes’ shops in your area to find a physical Cash4Clothes stores to take them to. If there are no actual stores to visit, some may arrange to pick up and collect from you.

There are also online options such as who will send you a bag and postage labels, and you can send your clothes in the post. After they’ve been received, you’ll be paid the value offered for the weight of your clothes.

Exchange clothes for vouchers

Aside from selling your clothes for cash, there are also some schemes that will allow you to swap your clothes for vouchers.

H&M Garment Collection

green shopping bag

The H&M Garment Collecting Programme is designed to stop clothes going to landfill.

You can hand in a bag of unwanted clothes at H&M in return for a £5 voucher. All clothes will either be reworn, reused, or recycled. It doesn’t have to contain clothes from H&M.

M&S Clothes Exhange

M&S have a similar scheme in conjunction with Oxfam; the Oxfam Clothes Exchange. When you hand in a bag of unwanted clothes, it will be donated to Oxfam and you’ll receive a £5 M&S discount voucher. One of the items donated must be an M&S item.

Try Upcycling Clothes

If you want to get creative with your old clothes, why not try repurposing them? Old clothes can be great fabrics to turn into blankets, cushion covers, bags and more. You could even try selling your repurposed clothing creations to make more money!

You can find some great ideas for recycling clothes at Love Your Clothes

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Quick FAQ:

Can I sell used clothes for cash?

Yes, there are plenty of people looking to buy used clothes so you can absolutely sell your second hand clothes for cash.

Where can I sell clothes online for cash?

There are lots of options for selling clothes online, from large online marketplaces like Ebay, to selling apps such as Shpock. You can even sell clothes online using social media.

Where can I sell used clothes for cash near me?

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of posting clothes, you can try selling used clothes at local table top sales, car boots, or using a local cash for clothes recycling shop.

Can I sell clothes by weight?

If your clothes haven’t sold by other methods, you could try selling them by weight, to a cash for clothes company.