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11 Side Hustles For Introverts That Won’t Stress You Out

Introverts rejoiced all over the world when the internet became a popular place to land awesome side hustles. It was like a dream come true. We can see moving into 2021 that online work will be even more popular than ever. Hallelujah!

I’m going to share 11 side hustles for introverts that won’t stress you out and some that even pay really well! While most of these are online, you can see that as an introvert there are also great side gigs outside the home where you don’t actually have to talk to people. 

11 side hustles for introverts 

Let’s first list some online side hustles and then we’ll get to the ones where you have to leave the house but I promise, crowds of people aren’t involved. 

Online side hustles that pay well

Not only is the internet amazing for some of the best side hustles, but Facebook is literally a gold mine. As Facebook groups become more popular than business pages, you can find groups of people who are looking for the exact service or thing you offer. 

Many of the side gigs listed below can be found in Facebook groups or Facebook marketplace. Fiverr is also another great place to promote your skills and services. 

Which brings us to the first and best side hustle for introverts:

Virtual Assistant

Online business owners are outsourcing their work now more than ever and VA’s are in high demand. What some people don’t realize is that there are so many little jobs that a VA can do. Scheduling, emailing, creating graphics and editing are just a few. If you have a skill, someone out there needs you and your skill to do their job. 

If you are really skilled in one area and nail a great client who winds up loving you, they may pay for you to learn other skills as well and pass off more work to you. 

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners >>

Templates and graphics

If you’re not into working for someone else, you certainly don’t have to. Are you a creative, artsy fartsy type person? You can create your own graphics (ie printables, Pinterest templates, Instagram/Facebook posters, etc) and sell them in Facebook groups. 

For a pretty penny I might add. You’d be surprised how much people are willing to pay for someone else to do their creative stuff. 

Video editing

As video becomes more popular on all social media platforms, many creators are doing video but outsourcing the editing part of it. This is one of the side hustles that pays well too. Do you have a creative eye and knack for video and editing? This one might be for you. 

Why not set up a profile on Fiverr and promote your video editing services there?

Ghostwriting/Freelance writing

Is there a writer in you? Writing jobs are plentiful on the internet with so many freelance writing gig sites to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Here are just a few you can check out right now to grab writing work:

Freelance Writing Gigs



You could also create a profile on Medium and get paid to write there. Some writers on Medium make 4 figures a month!

Sell recipes

Who even knew this was a thing? Crazy right? Do you like cooking and have tons of recipes up your sleeve that are to die for? People pay for recipes (in those awesome Facebook groups). Bonus points (and more money) if you can take some kick*ss pics of the food and sell the whole package!

No fancy equipment? No problem. Cell phone cameras sometimes outperform the expensive ones.. 


Are you fluent in two or more languages? You’re in high demand. As people around the world learn new skills and leave their countries for work, translating has become very popular. You can check your local Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for these types of jobs. 

Translating documents and sometimes even having to go to appointments with a client to translate for them can turn out to be a pretty good side hustle and turn into permanent work (and maybe even referrals!). 


As many brick and mortar businesses move to an online base (and focus) these online side gigs are popping up everywhere. Also, many businesses closed and jobs were lost. Take your office skills and start up your own virtual office. 

Reach out to old clients and let them know you’re on your own now and would love to do their books again.

You can also learn bookkeeping skills by taking an online course before setting up on your own.

Other side hustles for shy people

House sitting

While most people do this for free there are definitely those who will pay someone to watch their house while they’re away on holidays. Create a profile on Trusted House Sitters or a house sitter site in your area and enjoy someone else’s big screen tv while you get paid to keep the bad guys away. 

Pet sitting

Much like house sitting, people will pay you to make sure Rufus and Princess are well taken care of and cuddled when they need love. No people involved. Do you love animals? A lot? These jobs can also be found in your local Facebook marketplace OR you could promote yourself and let people know this is a service you offer. 

Personal concierge

There may be people involved but so few it might be worth considering. Many really busy people need their errands done for them. Pick up dry cleaning, ironing, do a little shopping, water plants, etc. Keep your earbuds in and you won’t have to talk to anyone. 

House cleaning 

Most people are usually out of the house when the cleaner arrives and even if they are home, they don’t want to disturb you anyway. Do you like cleaning? This might be a great side hustle that actually pays pretty decent! Especially if you freelance this and charge what you’re worth!

Finding side gigs from home is easier than you think

One quick Google search and you’re off and running! The internet world really is your oyster if you’re looking for side hustles for introverts that pay well. So many introverts have left their regular ‘day jobs’ and found lucrative work on the internet. 

So can you!

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