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Timebucks Review: Is Timebucks Legit?

What is Timebucks?

Timebucks is a get-paid-to rewards site that offers multiple ways of earning extra money in your spare time. On Timebucks you can earn rewards by completing surveys, micro tasks and more and receive your earnings as cash, giftcards or cryptocurrency.

Here is a quick review of Timebucks and a guide on how to use it to earn extra money.

Key Info


Survey/offer frequency: High volume of surveys/offers available

Payout Speed: Once per week, $10 min.

Eligible Users


Sign up bonus: N/A

Pay: Varies by task, average rates

Payout options:

Gift cards

Is Timebucks legit or a scam?

Timebucks is legit and has been around for many years. I’ve tried and tested Timebucks and received multiple payments in different formats including cash, gift cards and bitcoin payments.


  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Open to worldwide users
  • Automatic payments


  • Have to reach $10 before getting paid
  • Can no longer use PayPal to withdraw

Timebucks has an excellent TrustPilot rating with 4.3 stars.

Who can use Timebucks?

Timebucks is available worldwide and anyone aged 16 or over is able to register.

There are a few other sites like Timebucks where they allow registrations from younger users.

How to sign up with Timebucks

It’s easy to sign up and create a Timebucks account. You can either choose to login using Facebook, or create your account using your email address and a password.

Timebucks sign up page. Timebucks Changing the world, one task at a time. Get paid to - post on Facebook, view funny slideshows, play games, install apps, complete micro tasks, answer surveys.
Sign up with Facebook or sign up manually.

How does Timebucks work?

Put simply, Timebucks works on an affiliate marketing basis. They are paid commission on the surveys, tasks and offers completed by their users, some of which they pass back on in earnings to their users.

How to earn money on Timebucks

There are loads of different ways to earn on Timebucks. These include:

  • Taking surveys
  • Ad clicks
  • Videos
  • Push clicks
  • Tasks
  • Offerwalls
  • Interests
  • Referrals

Surveys on Timebucks

There are lots of survey providers available on Timebucks that will pay you to share your opinions. How much you can earn taking surveys depends on the length of time each survey will take to complete.

You can see upfront how much money each survey is worth and an indication of the time it should take to complete.

Watching videos

An easy way of earning on Timebucks is to watch videos. There are 2 main options for this; HideOut TV and Lootably which you will find in the Offerwalls tab.

These require you to click through and sign up before you can watch and earn. Once you’re all set up, all you have to do is start the videos and leave them playing to earn (it’s really the ads between the vids you’re earning from).

You can just set them going and leave it to run, but occasional you will need to click to show you’re still there, so whilst it’s fairly passive they do require a little bit of babysitting.


Offerwall tab on Timebucks showing 1st page of tasks for AdGem: Take surveys to earn, Evony The kings return: Own three golden generals to earn, Unibet: make a deposit to earn.

There are plenty of OfferWalls to choose from on TimeBucks. These are:

  • AdGem
  • Ayet Studios
  • HangAds
  • Personaly
  • Adscend Media
  • Lootably
  • AdGate Media
  • OfferToro
  • Wannads
  • Revenue Universe

You can use all these offerwalls to earn cash in exchange for completing various offers or tasks. These could be things like downloading an app and reaching a certain level, signing up for a free trial or trying out a new browser extension. There are tons of different ways to earn.

How much you can earn for these activities will vary based on how much time they take and how difficult they are.

Timebucks Tasks tab

The Timebacks ‘Tasks’ tab is where users and advertisers offer to pay various amounts for tasks such as signing up to websites or leaving comments on Youtube videos and so on.

You can look through and see if there’s any tasks you are willing to complete, and each one will show the rate of pay being offered along with the average time taken to complete.

Once you’ve completed a task you will need to send a screenshot to prove completion, and once verified, you’ll receive your earnings to your Timebucks account.

Content tab – Ad clicks and slideshows

Under the content tab you can get paid small amounts for clicking. For clicks you will be shown what to click and how long you need to leave the page open for to earn the amount shown.

Slideshows require you to click through slideshows of content and remain on each page for a certain amount of seconds before clicking on to the next.

Push clicks is another option and this requires you to activate and allow push notifications. These ads will be delivered via browser notifications and you will receive 1 payable push click per hour.

Interests tab

In this tab, you can get paid for sending links to friends about things they may be interested in. Links go to a search engine page and you’ll get paid when people land on the search results page.

All you need to do is enter a keyword in the box and Timebucks will generate the link for you to send. You can earn from 3 clicks per keyword, per person each day.

You can only earn from clicks in the following countries:

  • United States: $ 0.03
  • United Kingdom: $0.03
  • Canada: $0.03
  • Australia: $0.03
  • France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium: $0.01


Another way to earn on Timebucks is by referring other users. You’ll earn 15% for anyone you refer. This means if you refer a friend and they go on to earn $10, you will also earn $1.50 in referral commission.

Timebucks Daily Goal Checklist

Daily Goal Checklist. Complete your daily goal checklist below and receive a bonus! You only have to complete 5 out of the 6 below, it can be in any order. You must complete it before the day ends otherwise it will reset to zero. Run the Sweepstakes software for 60 minutes
Complete 3 Push Clicks
Complete 3 Slideshows
Attempt 6 Tasks
Complete 3 Full Surveys
Complete an Offer from any Offerwall

Timebucks also has a daily goal checklist which can help you boost your earnings. There are 6 items on the list and you need to complete 5 out of the 6 tasks to complete the daily goal.

If you check 5 items off the list you’ll receive $0.25 (plus obviously your earnings from those tasks) and 20,000 sweepstakes entries.

If you complete the daily goal for 7 days in a row you’ll also receive a week’s premium membership, which means you’ll earn 25% extra on all your earning activity for a week.

The 6 items on the Daily Goal Checklist are:

  • Run the Sweepstakes software for 60 minutes
  • Complete 3 Push Clicks
  • Complete 3 Slideshows
  • Attempt 6 Tasks
  • Complete 3 Full Surveys
  • Complete an Offer from any Offerwall


There is a weekly sweepstakes prize on Timebucks of $500. This is awarded to 30 winners each week. You’ll earn sweepstakes entries automatically as you complete tasks.

Sweepstakes software

If you have a windows PC you can also download and run the sweepstakes software which gives you 100 sweepstakes entries every 10 minutes.

Timebucks Premium

If you sign up for Premium, you’ll receive 25% more on your earnings for any task you do. Premium membership costs $4.95 per week, or can be earned weekly by completing the daily goal checklist every day.

Timebucks Ladder

Current top ladder: 1st: $6.18, 2nd: $5.89, 3rd:$5.69, 4th: $4.41, 5th: $2.73, 6th: $2.69

The Timebucks ladder gives you a chance to earn extra money in the form of prizes and is meant to incentivise users to be more active.

There are 2 ladders. The first is based on survey earnings and resets daily. The more you earn from surveys, the higher you climb up the ladder. There are 5 prizes; 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5, 4th $3, 5th $1.

The second ladder is based on referral earnings, so you need active referrals to qualify. This ladder is weekly and the prizes are: 1st $100 , 2nd $50 , 3rd $20 , 4th $10 , 5th $5.

Is there a Timebucks app?

There is not currently a Timebucks app, but they are working on one which hopefully will be available in the future.

However, the site is mobile friendly, so you can easily use Timebucks from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

How to get paid your Timebucks earnings

Payments from Timebucks are made weekly on Thursdays, providing you have accumulated $10 or more earnings in your account.

If you haven’t made it to $10, you don’t lose your earnings, they just stay in your account until you hit $10. Once you have $10 you’ll be paid automatically on the payment day.

Timebucks withdrawal options

There are quite a few different ways you can opt to be paid on Timebucks. These are:

  • AirTM
  • Tango card (lots of gift card choices including Amazon)
  • Bank transfer (via Wise)
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin

You choose your preferred option, just head into your ‘settings’ and click the ‘payment method’ tab. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll start to receive automatic weekly payments of your earnings.

Timebucks Alternatives

Here are some other sites like Timebucks that are also good options for making money.

  1. Freecash – Complete surveys and tasks for free cash, gift cards and crypto.
  2. Grindabuck – Complete surveys and offers to earn cash, gift cards and crypto.
  3. Cointiply – Click and view ads and complete tasks to earn Bitcoin, DOGE, DASH or LTC.
  4. Swagbucks – A get-paid-to site with multiple ways to earn cash and gift cards.
  5. SuperPayMe – Paid surveys and offers. Cash out to PayPal or gift cards.