Tips And Tricks To Save Money Shopping At Amazon

Tips And Tricks To Save Money Shopping With Amazon

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Amazon is probably the go to website for online shopping for a lot of people, especially right now when lots of physical shops remain closed or more difficult to access. You can buy virtually everything you can think of and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, have it delivered to you the very next day.

But just because it’s convenient, doesn’t mean you should pay more than you have to, so here are some simple tips and tricks to find the best deals, save money and make the most of your Amazon shopping.

Track price history

Just because a price shown looks good – or is made out to be a great bargain, doesn’t mean it actually is. Even on Prime Day, the deal prices aren’t necessarily the lowest prices that products have been sold for.

Using price tracker Camel Camel Camel, you can enter the url of the product you’re looking at, and it will give you an overview of that item’s price history over time.

It might show that the current price is the lowest price it’s been, or is comparatively still pretty low, in which case great!

However, it might be the case that it currently costs more than it usually does, meaning it might be worth passing and waiting for a better deal or looking elsewhere.

2. Combine orders for quicker delivery

One little Amazon trick that can sometimes work is to combine your orders to try and get quicker delivery. If you’re purchasing a few small items you can try ordering them individually one after the other. On just one of the orders choose the faster delivery option. They are likely to combine all your orders together in the same box, so you should receive them all quicker.

3. Find the best deals

We all know that when we search on Amazon, it doesn’t always immediately show the best or biggest discounts and it can take pages of scrolling to find a price you want to pay.

Try using our handy Discount Finder Tool, which uses custom parameters to search and find out the best discounts.

4. Use the gift card purchase bonus

At certain times when logging into your account you’ll find an offer for a free gift card code when you buy a particular value of gift cards. If you’re confident you’ll spend the money at Amazon eventually, it’s well worth taking advantage as gift cards remain valid for ten years.

5. Get student prime

If you’re studying, you can get a 6 month free trial of Prime, giving you access to most of the benefits, including free one day delivery, Prime Video and Prime Music. Once your trial is expired you can choose to purchase Prime for half the cost of normal Prime Membership. 

6. Use Amazon household

If you have Prime membership you can use Amazon Household to share some of your Prime benefits with another member of your household. Simply add their Amazon account to your Prime membership.

Prime benefits include:

  • Free next day delivery
  • Amazon Video – free streaming of films and TV
  • Amazon music – stream music on demand
  • Borrow eBooks from Prime Reading
  • Amazon family and Prime Pantry

You can get a free 30 day trial of Prime to see if you like it.

7. Watch out for Lightning Deals

Lightning deals are quick time limited offers and often have big discounts on specific items, so it’s worth keeping a look out for them. If you see a product you want, try and do a quick price comparison to make sure it’s actually a good deal before snapping it up, but don’t be too slow because they are time sensitive!

8. Subscribe and save

Subscribe and Save is an offer that saves you money on items you buy regularly. You can choose to have these delivered automatically at a time that suits you, and also receive an ongoing discount of up to 15%.

9. No rush delivery credits

This is my favourite of all the hacks for Amazon! If you’re not in a hurry to receive your order and select no rush delivery at the checkout, you’ll be rewarded with free credits and discounts to your account. I used this Amazon bonus for months to build up free Amazon video credits for our movie nights.

10. Try Amazon Pantry

Did you know you can even buy groceries from Amazon? If you’re on Prime, you can use Prime Pantry and fill a box with low priced grocery items and pay a small flat fee for delivery. To get free delivery, simply make sure your box includes 4 or more eligible items. Your order will be delivered within one day.

11. Amazon warehouse

With Amazon Warehouse you can opt to buy products that have been returned, lightly used, or with open boxes. Check the condition before buying to make sure you’d be happy and get a better price on items that are often good as new!

12. Get discounted amazon cards

Marketplace sites such as CardYard buy and sell unwanted gift cards, so it’s worth checking for discounted gift cards if you’re a regular Amazon shopper. Sellers who would prefer cash instead of gift cards will often offer lower prices to get their cards sold.

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